Unfaithful wife gives birth to twins with different fathers

A woman was left with no option, but to confess to cheating on her husband with another man in a one night stand, after DNA test result proved that the set of twins she has given birth to belong to different fathers.

The Chinese woman reportedly gave birth to two bouncing twin boys, but surprisingly, the lack of resemblance between the babies raised eyebrows, compelling her husband identified only as Xiaolong to order for a DNA examination of the twins.

The conduct of the DNA test became a matter of necessity at a local police station where the couple from south-eastern Xiamen city reportedly attempted to register the birth of their twins last year, reports say.

Director at the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre where the DNA test was conducted is reported as having told Xiaolong, who had already been harbouring doubts about the paternity of the twins that, one of them has no biological relationship with him.


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