Tubbleland Heights repping Catholic University Music-wise!

Malawi’s greatest Dancehall artists started from representing their college communities before pouring their art to the rest of the nation. In the same way, Malinga Mafia, and Purple C started out as college musicians at DATA, Tubbleland Heights is on the verge of becoming Malawi’s next big music star as he is currently one of C.U’s most loved.
Born Victor M Mphande, on the 23rd of August 1999, and currently first year student at Catholic University, Tubbleland Heights promises nothing but fireworks this year!. Due to demand from the few fans he has managed to gather, this 20 year old is set and ready to release new music this Saturday night, 23rd November, which will be premiered on Radio 2 and later made available for downloads right on this platform.
This next single “Boyfriend” talks about a girl that wants a celebrity boyfriend. In the song, Tubbleland heights mentions different characteristic of the type of man the lady in the song wants in reference to a number of Malawian celebrities. Be on the look out and have your eyes glued to this young and energetic star as he is about to drop the next big hit!