[news] Gift Eneya penetrates the Malawi music industry as “Oniwe”


Currently based in Capetwon, Oniwe, is on the verge of becoming Malawi’s next heavy weight music icon. Born Gift Eneya (1989), in a family of four in Chilobwe township (Blantyre, Malawi), this reggae/dancehall star is determined to change the shape and direction of music .

In an interview with “Oniwe” concerning the path of the Malawian Music, and his long term goals as regards to his music, he said, “Malawi lacks direction and identity. Most Malawian musicians get caught up with trends and end up following whats in fashion instead of creating fashion. As a musician that is focused on long-term achievement, my musical journey will take a simple, slow, but sure path. I want to make  music that will live for generation to generation and not just fade away with trends, in the long-run, I am quite sure that saying “Malawian music is unprofitable” will be history”

Recently, Oniwe dropped two singles which can be accessed here


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