As the Malawi Music Industry is not fully developed and still in its foundation phase, most record labels that start on a high note and seem promising result into a failure to meet goals and quickly fall. Despite numerous examples of record labels that did not survive in Malawi’s poor music industry set up, a new Record label in town, “RAW JAM RECORDS” has stepped up to defy all hindrances and reshape the whole game.

Raw Jam Records is a fully registered record company that was established in 2019.  The structure of the organisation on senior management level comprises of the managing director and the operations manager.

The company was established with a vision to identify young talent in Malawi and to promote, motivate and sale the talent in order to maximize profits and to the betterment of the artist livelihood.

In an interview with the label’s Executive Operations Mangaer, Jeofrey Blair, he said, “We realised that there was a gap in the entertainment industry, most record label companies have little knowledge and understanding of the music industry, therefore not contributing to the Artist success to reach international level of success.”


(Joefrey Blair)

Unlike Ordinary Malawian record labels, Raw Jam record label’s Management team has well skilled and knowledgeable personnel, with vast experience of over 20 years in the music industry working with the likes of Sean Loc entertainment and Climax entertainment in the early years of 2000. This team of Experts are able to analyse the current musical environment and can come up with a product (Artist) that can penetrate the market and dominate in the long run.

Upon establishing this label, Raw Jam records has by far signed 1 female artist, “SIBO” , whom the label’s executive body feels is just what Malawi needs to take the industry to international heights







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