The music spectrum as we know it has tremendously changed, with new blood running the proceedings of the industry, we are bound to have exceptional talents lurking for the spotlight and one of those is Kryptic.


The 18 year old rap/trap artist and producer has proved he is a force to be reckon with as he has shown just how capable he is, standing toe to toe with both established and upcoming talent of the new school rap era.


His recent project Surf’s Up EP has not only solidified him as one of the best new school cats in the game, it also showed us just how deep he is invested in taking his music forward as he roped in award winning rap artist Toast on “Uh Huh”, a song which is the lead single of his EP.


The project also demonstrated how matured he is as an artist as he tackles issues of love as well.


The artist’s potential is just too much to ignore, which begs the question, is Kryptic a new school hip hop poster boy to be?

That’s for time to tell, but judging by his projects so far, i wouldn’t bet against him.


By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo