From the depth of his heart’s core came what has been by far the most successful Afro Urban song this year, Ennoh’s “Game Changer” has been nothing but a revelation as the song has stacked up unbelievable numbers, putting the artist head and shoulders above all other Christian Afro Urban artists.

The song reflects the hard goings of a youngster, who later on has a change in fortune as the Lord takes away his struggles and he sees a brighter day.
“It’s the real story of my life, it reflects all the struggles and hardships I’ve been through and i wanted to share my story with people who feel dejected because things are not moving in their lives, i wanted to tell them that God can turn their story around.” Said Ennoh.

Ennoh comes in with a different feel to his music unlike what we are used to in the Afro Urban circles which breathes in new life in the industry as it provides a wide variety of musical options to fans. This has been evident as he has managed to rack up a whooping 140,000 views, which is more than any Afro urban artist has managed this year. So the question now is, will the artist be recognized for his success? Will he be on the award nomination radar? Let’s wait and see.

The artist expects to release two more singles before the end of the year, and judging by the success of Game Changer, the artist will surely unlock new heights.

by Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo