[video analysis] GWAMBA’S UNATHA VISUALS

Renown Christian rap artist Gwamba released his highly anticipated visuals to his song “Unatha”, produced by BFB.
The video has been greeted with massive positive feedback as fans instantly fell in love with the video and here’s why.

Solid creative concept: the concept sees a revamped Gwamba addressing the old version of himself, talking about how things of the world uses to interest him as he was into girls, booze, smocking and parties, but now having found Christ, he finds peace in serving the Lord and doing his work.

Execution: The concept was perfectly executed, starting from the lip sync, dressing, picture quality, camera movement, and the overall flow of the video, plus a perfectly choreographed dance which gave the video a fun approach.

Now, some will criticize the artist for having models in the video, but as the concept is, there was need for representation of Gwamba’s previous lifestyle of which all of us are familiar with. That gave the video edge as it gave a clear reflection of what Gwamba was and what Gwamba is now.

Speaking at a press conference at Mount Soche in Blantyre where he also premiered the video, Gwamba was asked why he didn’t work with a Malawian music video director whereby he stressed that he didn’t do it out of disrespect to the locally based directors, but as an artist he needs to grow, and working with international directors is part of that growth since it doesn’t only uplift him, but catapults the local industry as a whole.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo

DOWNLOAD GWAMBA UNATHA VIDEO HERE (Low Quality 6mb, Normal Quality 37 mb)