Interview with Francis Mkandawire

As the Malawi music industry is slowly building up, Swagg Enter10ment from Mzuzu is adding in more value by introducing a whole new URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL NAMED “KUKAYA”!

People all across Mzuzu have welcomed this new development quite well as many have expressed excitement to have its very own Festival in the City.

Mikozi Network had the Chance to interview one of the founders of this festival Mr Francis Mkandawire regarding the upcoming festival “KUKAYA URBAN MUSIC FEST”


Q> Mr Mkandawire, why did you name the urban fest “KUKAYA”
A>We named the fest kukaya because for a long time that has been a nickname in the fun circles given to mzuzu because pipo always looked at it as small

Q> what’s the main aim of this event ? We hear you own the venue, so is this event a way to promote your venue or to promote the urban music culture ?

A> The main reason to this event is to give the north an event of their own where the urban youth CN showcase talent to be noticed but also for the residents to get to see good artists of their dreams too… Good artists only show up at shows in Lilongwe n Blantyre where most youngsters don’t have the luxury of going to .We want to slowly create that platform in mzuzu

Q> Who is the lead person behind swag entertainment?
A> Swagg enter10ment is a team … The company is owned by Francis Mkandawire but it’s a tight team of him 9 people in the background

Q> do you have music artists signed under your entertainment company ?
A> I have an artist’s called homage signed under swagg enter10ment and 3 other artists that we signed and are building and Wil be unveiling them with time

Q> in the long run, how do you plan to grow the festival?
A> We want to make this the biggest festival in the north and we plan to make it wider than just an urban music festival

Q> are upcoming artists given a chance to perform at the fest ? If yes how can they register?
A> An opportunity for upcoming artist Wil open up when all the time frame has been accorded by the program guys and depending on the space we will decide a registration way on probably first come open chance basis


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