Da-Teacher, real name Paul Manda has set a bold step in using his musical influence for business purposes. As a Malawian born musician, but currently based in South Africa, Da Teacher, is set to capitalize on his two faced residential status to market a business brand that is interrelated between his home country and residential country.

Just recently, Da Teacher announced his excitement to be working with one of Africa’s leading micro-payment processing services and is a subsidiary of Paycorp, a leading provider of payments solutions in sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and Eastern Europe , “KAZANG AFRICA”

As an entity that is not yet well known in his home country, Malawi, Da Teacher is set to use his influence to ensure Kazang Africa is fully established in Malawi. In an interview with this fast booming upcoming artist, he said, “I have alway found problems buying airtime for my family back home, it was really time consuming and hectic. With Kazang, it will be really one easy way to make any sort of direct payment for utilities in a different country at just a touch of a button. I will bring Kazang Africa to Malawi and its surely here to stay”

Just recently, DA TEACHER released a music video title “WILL YOU” ft Grace Kwilasi witch you can watch below. This one week old video which was made possible by Kazang Africa, a company which has airtime selling devices across the whole South Africa, has received an overwhelming support with more viewers on Youtube and more downloads on iTunes.
According to Da-Teacher who is also a music promoter and event organizer, he is currently working with Kazang Africa, a company which allows Malawians living in South Africa to directly send airtime into a Malawian phone number.
“At the meantime I’m working with Kazang Africa a mobile company which has simplified lives of Malawians living here in South Africa, where one is allowed to send airtime to their loved ones in Malawi. A thing which has never happened before.”
“With the deal I’m promising to be releasing more music and other interesting activities, including live shows in both Malawi and South Africa,” he said.


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