He has been underestimated and overlooked at every turn in his career but kept a cool head. He has come up against lions, and deadly predators in the game, but managed to compete and conquer when others thought he wouldn’t make it to the top of the food chain. VJ Ken has stuck to his true self, believed in his talents and finally made it to the summit.

For a guy whose journey in the videography world started in 2016, his journey into the big time has been swift, settle, impressive and marked by sheer will and determination, leading to him making it in such a short period of time.
Don’t get me wrong, VJ Ken’s journey has been marred by unjustified criticism from fans, more than any other music video director. Just recently, fans were asked to share their opinion about the charismatic director and most of them said he was crumbling due to the pressure of his UMP best music video director award.

“Each person has a different perception towards any development, so it depends on which side one chooses to position his/herself. On my side, all i can say is THE SLOW MOVEMENT OF A TIGER IS NOT A MISTAKE, BUT A WELL CALCULATED MOVE. So am not fading, in fact, i have a lot to offer, just take heart, from July, you will witness something extraordinary.” Said VJ Ken.

VJ Ken has also been making strides on the international scene with stations in Zambia and Uganda airing his visuals.
When asked to confirm about having 6 videos accepted by Trace Africa, VJ Ken stated; “In fact, it’s not only Trace Africa, but Trace Urban and Trace Gospel, not forgetting One Gospel. So i can say that am the first videographer in Malawi to have his videos playing on Trace Gospel and the only videographer to have most of his videos accepted by Trace in just a few months. Some of my videos are enjoying airplay in Uganda in almost 6 local stations there. I can tell the people that VJ Ken is not just eyeing Malawi, but rather make it known out there that there is talent in Malawi. A lot is coming just keep your fingers crossed.”

One thing is for sure, VJ Ken is not a fluke, and judging by his accomplishments in the short time he has been in the industry, it’s best to believe he is here to stay.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo

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