“HO WO Kire” in a fight against child marriages in new song “Lekeni”

Positivity in his art defines HO WO Kire also known as NO LIMIT as he is set to release a song titled ‘LEKENI’ . After releasing “Tipewe Malungo” which talked of preventing Malaria and is also in his Nzaulendo Uno 2019 album, HO WO Kire commonly known as NO LIMI 247 in the music scene, is set to release a new song which is a fight against child marriages.
In the song, HO WO Kire wears the mask of a girl child being raised by grandparents in some area who is being forced into marriage at a tender age. However, Lekeni is not in agreement with the idea and shun away to go to back to school. She wants to be an influential lady in her area after learning and she doesn’t want to be at a risk of suffering from Fistula which is common among young mothers.
In the second verse, HO WO Kire talks about how the girl is being used to bring food for the household (Breadwinner) instead of sending her to school. Lekeni here is crying for her rights to be educated as she is being forced into marriage and sent to do business without a chance to attend school. HO WO Kire later talks of the need for parents and guardians to never doubt their girl child but allow them to go to school and prevent early marriages as educating a girl child is educating a Nation.
The song has been recorded and produced at Green Jams Records in Mzuzu and Josephy “Zephy Oldies” Mbundungu is behind the production.


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