Others talked while he made things happen. They promised, and he fulfilled. They made fun of his uncombed hair, He embraced it and so did the people of Blantyre City South.

The political journey of Fredo Penjani Kalua, better known by his stage name Fredokiss, has been a roller coaster ride for both him, the campaign team, as well as the Blantyre city south residents. From when people called it a joke, up to the moment they realized he is the most competent parliamentary candidate in the constituency, Fredo has had a tremendous impact on Malawian politics, more than many could’ve thought would be accomplished in under a year.


The Malawian political landscape has for so long been dominated by people in their 40s going up. This set up was considered to comprise of mature and responsible personnel with people in their 30s below being morale gurus.

With Fredo, we have seen a massive change in people’s mind sets as we have seen his campaign team comprise of people in their 30s, 20s and also some in their 40s, symbolizing that anyone can be a leader despite their age and also that as a leader, it is important to work with various age groups so that no one feels excluded.


Fredo has gone from being the “Ghetto King Kong” to becoming the “Ghetto Messiah” as he is viewed as the last hope for the Blantyre city south constituency, which has been rocked with greedy politicians for so long.

At his rallies, Fredo has been preaching tolerance and love among the constituents as well as clean politics whereby some candidates have been insulting their rivals at rallies and in some cases resulted into violence, a habit Fredo doesn’t want his supporters to partake in because at the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters from the same area despite our different political choices.


Another thing Fredo has been pointing out on is the presidential choice, whereby he has urged people to pray before going to the polling centres so that God can help them make the right choice in as far as the president is concerned. Fredo also pointed out that he is not one to make promises, if there is anything to be done, he does it. For example the construction of roads, bridges, wells, houses damaged by heavy rains, distribution of plastic papers to people affected by heavy rains, painting houses of the elderly, and ambulances among others.


Fredo also shed light on capitalizing on already available resources instead of waiting for hand outs. This was said after people complained about the discrimination and the favouritism that happens when the MASAF project names are selected as Fredo suggested that every household should be part of the project so that he money earned should be used to empower women and the youth as they can use it to start businesses.

He also went on to suggest that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) should be used to construct a clinic at Manase as the people face difficulties in transporting patients to the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.


The charismatic youthful shadow MP re-emphasized that everyone has the power to make a change, and it all starts with voting for competent leaders like Fredo Penjani Kalua.


By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo



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