“SUSA LEZOBUHLALU OBUYINQABA”- South Africans confront Malawian musician “Queen Mishu” for dressing in a disgusting manner at a party in capetown

"she is known for nudity and not music"

It seems Malawians that go abroad usually lose culture and morals and try to suit in with the people in that new environment. Among Malawians that have completely changed their lifestyle due to influence from new environments is “QUEEN MISHU”. Just within 2 years after going to southafrica, Queen Mishu has completely transformed her conduct.

She is now talk of the town even among south African residents for how she has over adapted to the new setting. Queen mishu has went ahead to dress not just half naked but 3 quarters naked in parties with miniskirts that even reveal what she has dressed inside including underwear and waist beads. Just recently at a party in capetown, upon seeing this Malawian rnb star arrive at the event premises, south Africans and other Malawians based in south Africa reacted to her dressing and confronted her that they have had enough of such nudity. Her bra, underwear, and green beads could be seen from her dress which had some degree of transparent material. As a reaction of how she was treated at the party, Queen mishu made the following post on her facebook timline

Queen mishu besides releasing a single titled make up, has been known not for the music but her 3 quarter naked dress. Its sad


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