“MUSICIAN, TEDDY ENDED MY MARRIAGE”- Sugarmommy from Chilomoni Cries out loud on whatsapp group

A 34 year old woman from Chilomoni township, Racheal Mazinga, cried out after her marriage ended due to her obsession with RNB artist , “Teddy”. In reference to her worries from one of the whatsapp groups she is on, she said her husband became jealous of her for being Teddy’s fan. She said she loved Teddy’s music so much that her ringtone was Teddy’s music, her phone’s wall paper had teddy, and even her whatsapp profile picture had Teddy’s image.
Her obsession with Teddy made her husband jealous and made suspicions that the wife might have been cheating on him with Teddy as her Ben 10. No matter how the husband warned Racheal about her obsession, she never changed and her love for this rnb star kept growing. Just recently after Teddy released his latest single “Modzi”, Rachael’s obsession levels reached peak.

According to her husband, now ex husband, during the night Teddy released this single, the ex wife kept talking about Teddy even in her sleep. “Ine zinandikwana kuti mkazi wanga oti ndili naye bed limodzi azimubwebweta Teddy wacheyu. Ine banja sindikulifunanso ngati akufuna akakwatile ben 10 wakeyo”- Said Mr Mazinga in a furious manner.

Anyway, every story has two sides and we are yet to hear Teddy’s side of the story


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