[MALAWI IN S.A ]- Get to know Upcoming musicians, YenBzo and Twistar


While artists like Queen Mishu, Mwanache, Kwin Bee, ABC, and Genii Blakk are representing Malawi from S.A, New duo, YenBzo and Twistar have joined through and promise nothing but fireworks.

Twistar originates from Zomba, and YenBzo Originates from Balaka and they both met in Pretoria where they got along as they had the same musical passion. In an interview with the duo, they said that they grew up listening to Daredevilz, 2pac,Blasto and Masicka. Besides having similar musical interests, both Twistar and YenBzo are currently 20 years old. In terms of academic qualification, Twistar has gained tertially education in I.T , and YenBzo has academic papers on engineering

Recently, this hiphop duo has released a single titled “DADADA” which is gaining love among Malawians based in S.A. Stay in close contact by following these two artists across their social media pages as they aim to seek international recognition.


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