Chiwe- Yes! You got that right, your next favourite acoustic gospel artist is Chiweleni. Aged 21 years, young and unique but strange in the sense that he chose the genre that most youth tend to have least interest in. Despite having young artist in the gospel type of music, most of them fall in the category of Hip-hop gospel. The big names being Gwamba and Suffix.

Born Eliam Chiweleni Banda is set to release his first E.P titled MAWU which comprise of 7 songs. Some of the songs like LIlime are set to be played on radio 2 inside James Gumbwa’s program, Born and Bred from 11th may.

Commenting about the E.P, Chiweleni said that, it is all about God’s glory and describes his music as the MUSIC FOR THE LORD,FOR THE SOUL as it talks about the Lord givinga voice to those that don’t have but also about the death and salvation  not forgetting reminding Malawians why Malawi is the warm heart of Africa in his song titled Malawi.

Chiwe said in an interview that he chose acoustic genre over hip-hop as most young artist do because he likes the creativity in it plus the minding soothing aura or generates. He confessed that his sister played a role in influencing him to venture into acoustic by telling him he has a story telling voice.

He intends to keep his fans entertained rather than leaving them hang in the air, waiting for his new music. ” I promise to cook up good music which will not drive people away from faith, reality and Christianity. I plan to work hand in hand with local artists when such an opportunity presents itself.

This E.P is a must have and its funny cause Chiwe learnt his vocal skills from singing shows like idols, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent and X-factor. His passion and determination got him through something big when his most of his friends used to tell him that he doesn’t have the singing voice. Madela, the producer of the E.P commented that, “E,P iyi ivuta and its been great working with Chiwe though he started this project without a direct goal.

Chiwe sounds almost like Lawi and its no surprise because he openly expressed in an interview that his favourites artist in Malawi are Lawi, Patience Namadingo, Jay Stranger, Kelvin Sings and Faith Mussa. He also spends time listening to songs from the ups up to those in the 90s, Hip-hop up to Jazz he barely has a preference in music, he is just universal.

Get his music  here

By Khumbo Msambala Salanje


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