As this little piece is being typed, the song playing in the background is “BIZZLE-EATHER”. The following part is what we love about this tune.
“and now evil looks good on the scale that we use
Cuz we compare it to stuff that’s more evil
Even a liar says at least I don’t steal
The thief says at least I don’t kill
The killer says at least I don’t rape women
the rapist says well at least I don’t rape children
C’mon homie, is that how we livin’ now?
Is that how you convince yourself you ain’t livin foul?
Comparin’ yourself to people you think do worse than you?
Compare yourself to Christ and you’ll learn the truth”
How many of you have attended church services with a hangover? Pretending to be all holy but as the pastor preaches you have flashbacks of what you did the previous night. To make things worse, even the pastor preaching to you was also sleeping around with your wife the same night you went out drinking with other women. Everyone is wrong and its only few like Namadingo that come out in public and accept their weaknesses and who they really are. While some have judged Namadingo for being a sellout, others have found no problem with Namadingo’s scandal. But anyway, every story might have two sides but the following is the Mikozi point of view.
When was the last time you masturbated? When was the last time you cheated? When was the last time you engaged in theft activities? When was the last you told lies? When was the last time you got drunk? When was the last time you committed any immoral / sinful act?
It’s a usual habit for most people to act like saints in public when they sin behind the closed curtains. No matter how small a sin might be, it is still a sin. Many have pointed fingers at “Patience Namadingo” for working (not sinning) to earn a living. Is a minibus driver driving a minibus with drunkards also a drunkard? Is a doctor that is treating a murderer also a murderer? Is a teacher in class full of liars also a liar? Is a business man that sells Knives to thieves also a thief? Is Namadingo, that is paid to host an event for a corporate body “castel” a drunkard for hosting a beer launch event? The same analogy applies. According to the Mikozi Point of View, Namadingo should not be blamed for “WORKING” since those blaming him do not pay his rentals. Thank you


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