[news] Rap Artist “Classick” Raises tuition fees for “Luanar” needy student through social media

Urban music artists have influence which if put to good use can make the world a better nation. The humanitarian side of a music artist, if put into practice can become a very great drive towards positive change in the socio-economic environment. Malawian urban music artists today have used their influence and the power of social media to unite their fans into a positive common goal.
Just recently, rap artist, “Classick”, who loved among the youth across all urban sectors of Malawi engaged his facebook fans into raising tuition fees for one of his fans, Fostino Tobias, who happens to be a student at Luanar. In a post on facebook, posted 3 days ago, Classick said
, “ Hello everyone, I am trying to help in raising funds for a student named Fostino Tobius, who has an outstanding balance of K145,000. A very hard-working and intelligent young man, let’s help him stay in school so that he shouldn’t repeat his year. Fostino is majoring in Agriculture Development Communication and is in second year. If you want to contribute towards this goal inbox me and screenshot your transaction. Thank you in advance.”
Upon viewing the post, fans flooded his social media with contribution and in three days, Classick was able to source funds that could cover for “Fostino Tobias” tuition for the rest of his stay in school. Earlier today, Classick made the following post as a thank you to all that contributed towards tobias
“Good morning family, I am delighted to report to you that, we continued the campaign to help Fostino in paying his school fees, to all those who contributed and heard our calls I really appreciate you soooo much and I have no words to say, am glad to report to you that we managed to find someone who will be paying for Fostino for the rest of his stay in school, what ever we collected through you guys will be given to him to pay his rentals and maybe use it as a capital to start a small business at school to sustain his livelihood. Mulungu azikudalitsani kwambiri anthu Inu. Kuchokela pansi pa ntima wanga akuonjezeleni pa zonse zimene munachotsa. Thank you thank you🙏🏾”
Classick is now a role model among the youths and with his kind hearted nature, he has managed to gain loyalty from fans. To get to know more about Classick, visit his profile HERE https://mikozinetwork.com/2019/03/profile-classick/


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