Just a few days after celebrated gospel artist, Patience Namadingo came under scrutiny for hosting the official beer launch for Castel Beer, the singer has cleared the air.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the artist bashes churches and other gospel artists claiming they never helped him when he was raising funds for the Queen’s children’s cancer ward.
“In my 40 days cancer campaign to raise 15 million for the Queen’s Children’s Cancer Ward, a night club by the name of Cockpit in Lilongwe raised close to a million for me, a sports bar in area 49 came together and raised more money, Pa Zeka, a well known drinking joint invited me and raised money for the hospital, no church, no prayer group organized themselves to raise money as a gospel artist was going around raising money, so drinking people and drinking businesses have been my fans and partners.”

The artist went on to explain how he has managed to grow from just a music artist, but also a public speaker which has helped him grow his brand thus being hired by Castel.

The artist then detached himself from the “gospel” circle stating that; “On me being a gospel artist, i am sure i don’t fit in that category no more, neither do i really wish to be a gospel artist, the gospel doesn’t need artists, it’s the greatest news there is in the world.”

Namadingo also addressed his fans, telling them to not just expect gospel music alone from him but rather be ready for anything because he is an artist and can create music from anything that inspires him.
The singer also clarified that his love for Jesus is still intact and that his personal relationship with God is good.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo


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