“Eli simwana amanama dzaka”- Waxy Kay comments on Eli’s illuminati video

Waxy Kay was once the new kid on the block. Early 2017, Waxy kay won awards and was really loved by the masses allover Malawi not until another kid on the block “Eli” came into the music scene. It seems besides the fact that all these artists are young, the same fans that loved waxy kay for being young switched to love Eli even more for being younger. Eli’s added advantage besides being young was his humble attitude, and raw talent. Whenever these two musicians were in the same environment, you could smell the silent war and heat around that atmosphere. There was a silent war between them. Waxy Kay developed a mad attitude towards Eli as he felt this new kid stole his fanbase since he was younger. This analogy can also be seen in families were the last born is treated with more love than the rest of the siblings. Eli is the new last born of the music industry and Waxy Kay is finding it hard to accept that his motherly love days are over. Recently after watching Eli’s illuminati music video, Waxy Kay finally realized that his days as the most loved young artist are over and his last desperate attempt to position himself as still the youngest was to comment “Eli simwana amanama dzaka”. Waxy kay has had his time enjoying love from masses since he was young then, and now he is all grown up. It is now time for him to face the real world as a man. Waxy Kay needs rebranding in the way Justin beiber did and not be another bow wow. Anyway, putting waxy’s story aside, let us hope ELI transitions his music as he grows and not be stuck in the “I am young” comfort zone as there might just be another new kid around the corner.


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