The Born & Bred show on the 2nd of March 2019 served as a wake up call as the live chat saw Monk D shed light on how artists putting out free music has spoiled fans.

But first things first, the show kicked off earlier than usual as the show is usually slated for 21:00hrs but started 30minutes early with a breath taking music selection from some of the best upcoming artists in the land.

The show saw three amazing premiers with RashiD teaming up with KD Tunes on a song titled “Love” which tells the tale of a man in love promising the heavens for his wife to be. The duo is signed to Pure Muzik Recordings and this marks the first time the two have worked together. The other premiere came from Wikise as he released the remix to his award nominated single “Uli N’zingati” roping in the Zambian trio of Chimz Kelly, Macky 2 and General Kanene. The third premiere came from Bam Kid “Ndalandila”.

The ten to ten top ten chart saw one new entry as Chacjesco’s “Tapi Tapi” toppled Stich Frey’s Shuga to enter the chart at #10. Magga Mw x Crispy Mw were on #9 with “Komweko” as Saukira’s “All Black Everything” took 8th spot. 2Shii was on #7 with “Tsiku Limodzi” as Wativichi’s “Ndibebetsa” took 6th position. Gacko x Winji were in #5 with animal, “Ndayaka Moto” by Inno Buzy was on #4 and Christa’s “Ndiuze” was on 3rd. B-Man was on #2 with HD as Drizzle Akazonic topped the chart with “Eti Bwa?”.

Monk D served us with some food for thought in the interview as he stated that music is a business and it’s sad to see artists spend so much in making music only to release it for free and later start complaining about how the industry isn’t structured to benefit the artist.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo


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