[News] Remember Haso?

Jimmy Mankhwazi popularly known by the name Haso is a Malawian Hip-hop artist who started hitting the airwaves around 2010. The Born and raised Lilongwe artist, recalls he started rapping when he was about 13. When he was about 14 he had developed a strong passion for producing music so he spent his mid teenage years practicing and making beats for his peers who loved the art of music too. In that way, he was able to sharpen his skills in composing music. In 2011 he collaborated with Gwamba and Renegade on the track “Go Tell em” which hit the waves over the years broadcasted on different local TV stations in the country. Around the same year he released another Hit video with Hurricane which features AK and Dj Sley called ‘Nothin Lyk dem’.

However after releasing the two hits, he went M.I.A on the music scene for some years as he had to make commitments to other things like school because he spent most of the time in Tanzania. After completing and graduating in the Faculty of Law, Haso decided to come back in the industry and released a new 2016 single called “We here” which gained much popularity in not only local TV stations but also went as far Trace Africa TV and Channel O.

He has been studying wnd revising the game since after dropping the last single and has been working on two projects; an EP and a mixtape. 2019 he plans to release both projects and JAB will the first release off the EP 20 minutes to Fame

Social Media Contacts:

Instagram : Haso_eagles_official

Twitter: Haso_eagles

Facebook page : Haso Mw

Snapchat: Haso91


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