Women are an integral part of Malawi’s development, contributing in various sectors with their brilliance and spirited work ethic.

That being said, women are the most underappreciated group in the society as people tend to focus more in men’s achievements than women’s.
But times are changing, and with much emphasis on gender equality, women empowerment and a fast rising feminist community, we have seen women pick up the mantle and shine in the spotlight, grabbing success by the scuff of it’s neck.

One magazine has caught the eye with it’s efforts to uplift women and expose their success stories, and that is Libre Magazine.

Libre is a spanish word for “Free”. The magazine is a lifestyle and travel magazine that aims at being the voice for women, sharing motivation and knowledge on how to succeed in life also.
The magazine started in November 2018 and released it’s first issue in January this year.

Libre covers all things women(but sports), ranging from arts, entertainment and culture, featuring the likes of Juliet Royo, a radio personality that has been a constant advocate of women empowerment.

The magazine should however work on its social media presence sighting the fact that they have managed to conquer the offline market but have no significant impact on social media.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo


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