In the wake of Gwamba’s recent release “Pemphero La Ghetto Yuth”, much controversy has ensued as mixed reactions have rocked social media platforms due to the message portrayed by the rap artist.

In the hook of the song, Gwamba puts himself in the shoes of a troubled youth who is having a hard time avoiding sin due to the problems he is facing and is asking God for forgiveness in advance.
He then went on to shed more light on some of the struggles people go through inorder to make ends meet and thus turn to sinful ways inorder to stay afloat financially.

In light of this, people took to social media to express how the message in the song is misleading sighting the fact that Gwamba is an influential figure and him talking about asking God for forgiveness in advance give the youth the initiative to commit sin without remorse as they would think God has forgiven them in advance.

That’s not the whole story however, Gwamba in the last verse offers a message of hope as he urged the youth not to give in to their desires as the devil uses that to lead them to destruction.

This song demonstrates Gwamba’s creative genius as he puts himself in the shoes of the country’s struggling community as hard times have hit the country left, right and centre which leads people to sinful ways inorder to pay their bills.

This is not the first time fans have criticized a creative song as fellow christian rapper, Suffix faced s similar situation after he released his single “Ndikanakhala Judge”.
This shows how much fans are not ready for such creative geniuses as they rush to criticize the content of a song without understanding what the content is all about in the first place.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo


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