The self proclaimed ghetto entertainer Wikise has cleared the air on the absence of Konkala from his music videos and stage performances.

The “Shabalakatakali” hit maker rose to fame as he had the aid of the infamous dwarf Konkala sparking morale as his height proved to be amusing to the crowd further boostimg Wikise’s status in the industry as it was the first time an urban artist had done something of that stature.

The bromance was short lived however as it only took two music videos for Abusa and Atsogo to go their separate ways siting that Konkala claimed to have made Wikise what he is. The artist chose to be silent but as rumors kept spreading, Wikise saw that it was tarnishing his image thus deciding to break the silence, explaining what really transpired for the pair to part ways.

“I sacrificed a lot including a chance to performe in South Africa because the organizers refused to have me bring Konkala along. I used to split the money i was paid at shows with him, not because the organizers had budgeted his fee too, but because he was my friend and i wanted him to earn a little something.” Said Wikise.
The artist went on to say he took Konkala as a brother but what he said made hin take a step back and as a result jeopardized the chances for others like him who were asking for the opportunity to be in his music videos.

Wikise is said to be working with Zambia’s Chimzy Kelly on a project having featured him in the “Uli Nzingati Remix”.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo


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