Lilongwe welcomes MikoziChat in style : Ready to Launch at the New Livingroom

A new Malawian social network “MikoziChat” ( ) has hit the cyber with hype. Unlike usual social networks, the mikozichat, despite combining unique features, is a more effective way of communication among Malawians. In an interview with Bright Chiligo, a founder of the mikozi youth movement, he stressed that, “In this initial phase, mikozchat is mainly aimed at building business relationships among Malawians besides normal interactivity.”, He further added . “As the mikozi movement, we believe in phasing away the old system Malawi lives upto and update it into a new way life, a more advanced way of life, a digital way of life, which should stay in line with the needs of this new generation. The Mikozi chat is aimed at bringing together youths with innovative ideas and help each other implement such ideas in doing so creating job opportunities for the next generation”.
The Mikozchat is in its initial launching phase and has appealed greatly to college students across Malawi. This weekend, Saturday, 23 Februry, the youth across Malawi are set to celebrate the coming of the mikozichat and mikozimovement in style in a series of 3 events in one night specifically at Cloud 09 in Zomba, new Livingroom in Lilongwe, and Cloud 09 in Lilongwe


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