“I sing better than Davido and Diamond Platinumz, only that my country is poor”, Cries out Malawian Musician “ZOVADO”

Besides being the warm heart of Africa, Malawi is also the heart of music with unrecognized talent flourishing only locally. For many years, Malawian artists have always cried on how their local music industry is less paying besides talent being recognized locally. The only way a Malawian artist can give their art true monetary value is through international recognition. But the Malawi’s economic set up, it is real hard and almost impossible for artist to compile a steady budget that can help them breakthrough. A victim of how the Malawian music industry is set up is an upcoming artist ,”ZOVADO” who cried out loud to the media that he can perform better than diamond platinum and davido and only limited by the resources he has as he is from a poor nation Malawi. In an interview with Zovado, he stressed that, his recent release (

) besides gaining love locally won’t get him the pay he deserves as the local industry is poor and he can not also go international since his country, Malawi is poor and does not fully support arts.
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