“Uli Nzingati” hit maker Wikise, was arrested on wednesday, january 23rd due to a misunderstanding with the Malawi Police during the “N’zamuwanthu” video shoot.

Wikise who is said to have borrowed some traffic police gear for a scene in the video, got in trouble as they were testing camera functionallity on the set of “N’zamuwathu” video shoot when a police car stopped and picked up one of the actors and locked him up at Kawale police station for wearing police gear.

Wikise and some companions followed the police to the station where they were told to come the next day to negotiate the actor’s release. Wikise on wednesday morning went to the police station to negotiate the actor’s release but was also arrested and locked inside a police cell together with the actor.

The duo’s woes were far from over despite calling for the owner of the police gear to serve as their witness as his testimony was soundly ignored where as they were told they will appear in court on thursday, january 24th to answer for unnamed charges.

The police then decided to release the two on bail around 3pm on wednesday afternoon and are to report back at Kawale police station on saturday, january 26th.

Wikise seems to be witnessing the N’zamuwanthu experience first hand as the audio is scheduled to be released on february 2nd together with the visual.

By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo


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