Dancehall resurrects! Get to know Di Elite!

Di Elite is a Malawian Afro/Reggae/Dancehall group formed by brothers Teebs, Jeelz and Cyapital in 2010 in Malawi. In 2016 they linked up with Ghanaian Producer and vocalist Desert Eagle to complete a unique afro pop fusion of Reggae and dancehall sounds.  According to Jeelz the group aims at being diverse from what is currently known as ‘dancehall’ in Malawi.  When asked how they are different to the typical Malawian dancehall artist they replied “our dancehall is unique and different from what Malawians are accustomed to, our delivery and lyrics are of international quality”.

As of recent Jeelz announced he is about to launch a solo career which will debut through an album called ‘SERIAL RIDDIM KILLER’. The album’s purpose is to basically launch his solo career. He plans to launch it before March 2019 but it is still not yet decided on the means of launch. He promised his fans and all Malawians to expect nothing but perfection and good music throughout this album. But do not get it twisted there is no bad blood between the brothers and Desert Eagle but Jeelz is only looking out to grow as an individual artist and Di Elite will live on, going solo does not necessarily mean the group has deformed.

On the other hand, Jeelz mentioned he is proud of the direction that the music in Malawi is taking however the only problem is that the industry glorifies mediocrity and sidelines talented artists who can actually represent Malawi on the international scene. At this point in time we are supposed to have big names known to the world and not Malawi alone but because we do not support actual talent that is why we stoop to national level and not international and that is the sole purpose of Jeelz and his team Di Elite, they will introduce Malawian art to the international market.

All in all watch out for Jeelz and his entire team as they are about to put a mark in the industry.


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