Zambian Singer “Davaos” set to hit Malawian airwaves : ready to work with Malawian artists

Malawi has always been a second home for Zambian music. You might have related to Mampi, the third, organized family, dalisoul, General kanene, Chimz Kelly, and many others. As the taste of Zambian music is diverse and ever changing, currently “Davaos” , a female singer is trending in Zambia with hits like “Sunkana” and “Yanga sili common”.

In an interview with Mikozi Net, this female star expressed her interest in working with Malawian artists as part of her strategy to breakthrough internationally.

This collaboration will be beneficial for the Malawian music industry aswell as the artist to be featured on Davaos song will also widen their audience!

Stay tuned to the Mikozi Network for more information about re project Davaos is ready to do with a Malawian artist


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