The calsberg beerfest was in Lilongwe this past weekend at the Lilongwe Golf Club and was by far the biggest event in the country over the weekend.

The event was also a commemoration of 50years of Carlsberg in Malawi which made it more special.
In light of this development, the organizers went all in and the reception was amazing as the event had over 6, 000 customers which is a major milestone.

Speaking to one of the organizers of the event, he highlighted that the event was different from last year’s as they had more bars, more restaurants and more customers this year.
To spice it all up, fans were treated to captivating live performances with the stand out artist being the Ghetto King Kong, Fredokiss.

The Carlsberg Beerfest will return next year and is said to be bigger than this year’s event as the organizers plan on setting milestone after milestone each year. This signifies the growth and popularity of the event as it has won the hearts of many and continues to win more.

By Repro


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