Legendary rap artist Gwamba, was the peak of the performers at NRC’s Tiutaye Social Weekend as he treated fans to a scintilating performance that has trended all weekend.


The “Mbama” hit maker hasn’t been far from the headlines in recent weeks following his loss of body weight which got the social media buzzing. The excitement over Gwamba’s body weight inspired memes and quotes with all the fun culminating into a spat with former label mate Mandela Mwanza, commonly known as Third Eye.


Gwamba wasn’t done with the buzz however as he gave the attending fans more to talk about with a breath taking performance of his song “Nthawi Zanji”, driving the crowd wild.

Gwamba has proved to be one of only a few artists to make a successful transition from secular music to gospel without losing fans, gaining more along the way as he has released hit after hit, and “Nthawi Zanji” being the recent one.


Being able to perform at such a high level for as long as He has been doing takes hard work, commitment and dedication and Gwamba hasn’t been short of that. This should serve as an example for both upcoming and established artists to put more effort into their material in order to deliver great music to the fans.


By Repro


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