It’s no secret that 2018 has been a slow year in the local music industry as compared to previous years, with 2017 being a fruitful year for the urban music community as we saw more hit songs, great collaborations, great music videos, and the icing on the cake, international recognition as Malawian music videos flooded Trace Africa.

Everything seemed to be going in the right direction and there was great optimism for 2018 and to our delight, 2018 started with a bang with Tay Grin releasing the festive vibes EP, Sonyezo “Somewhere In Africa EP”, and Kell Kay his two singles “no no and juju”.

As per tradition, every year produces new blood, and this year was no different, as we have seen the rise of Eli, Shammah vocals, And Wakisa James into the lime light. The afro RnB world has seen the reincarnation of Dali and Kelvin Sing, Trap has seen Wikise and Seven O More dominate, Malinga has been consistent on the dancehall block, Tuno has kept the fire burning for our female artists when the rest have crumbled in the heat together with Lilia who has made moves this year and that’s just about it.

Don’t get me wrong, some artists have worked hard and kept their consistency levels high as others have reignited their careers but the level of competition this year is just not as it was before, non existent even. With the forth coming UMP Awards, one would look at a category and only find two artists that have been active this year, which signifies a dip in the progress of our industry.

It is a sad truth that instead of our progress to continue, it has spiraled down with the household names less or inactive, unpromoted songs hitting our social media timelines (which have zero hype), less drama/controversy and less interesting music programming in the media. Which begs the question, what have our artists been doing this year?
One thing is for sure, for our industry to get back on the right track, we need more activity from our artists because it it they who feed the music hunger of the fans, and it is they who feed Radio and Tv stations material to play. Please, utiluze the facilities and platforms at your disposal inorder for the industry to keep growing.

By Repro


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