Here’s why Fredokiss is the biggest hip hop act on the land

Rapper Penjani Kalua aka Fredokiss is undistiputedly the most gifted hip hop artist in Malawi right now. He is signed to his own Ghetto Gutter Entertainment (GGE). The label also has GD and Marcus, record producer AK On Tha Board and sensational RnB queen Temwah under its roof.

Fredokiss has such an impressive following on Facebook (about 90, 000 fans on his official page) and too many other followers on Twitter.

He is New Building Society (NBS) Bank brand ambassador. In addition, the rapper is also UNICEF‘s champion for children. The United Nations (UN) agency must have chosen him because his ghetto-inspired music talks about issues that children and young people face on a daily basis.

Kalua has been nominated in the category- among other categories- ‘Best Hip Hop Act’ at the Urban Music People (UMP) Awards in which he is battling against Gwamba, Tay Grin and the guy that “talks to God before sleeping,’’ Suffix.

Looking at all the nominees in the rap category, Fredokiss is the one with so much influence in the game. He is a crowd puller whenever his name appears on the poster for some show or event.

The free shows he conducted across Malawi last year enhanced his personal brand to get to higher leels. Not only that, but also his signing The Daredevilz has made hip hop fans realize that he is more than an artist. The rap legend, in other words, is all about seeing the rap game developing.

People are watching all that. They are going to vote him best UMP hip hop artist. No doubt about it.

Among secondary school students all over the country, Fredokiss has boosted his popularity exponentially because of his motivational talks he holds at various Community Day Secondary Schools with Safeguard Young People (SYP) Malawi. He encourages students [during those motivational talk sessions] that it is possible to make in life regardless of one’s background.

It makes sense hearing him talking about making it in life from literally scratch for he has been raised in the ghetto, went to public schools and went through stuff like any other ghetto fella.

The Ghetto King Kong is also into something commendable: philanthropy. He went to Chichiri Prison recently to donate writing materials to inmates pursuing secondary school education whilst serving jail sentences. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, again.

As a way of keeping young people busy thereby preventing them from indulging themselves in immoral behaviors, ‘F to the mw:a’ has brought a trophy. The prestigious Fredokiss Football and Netball Trophy will be launched on December 23 2018, an event dubbed ‘Ghetto Christmas’.

Kalua has the welfare of young people at heart considering all he is doing in education, sports, entertainment and inspiration. Such a role model.


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