Hazel Mak’s accolade and her Mkanda swag

Ever came across hash tags #Mkandafied, #Mkandalicious, #MkandaMomements, etc? If not, hang on, the publication is about to tackle just that. Or better yet, have you ever looked closely at what Hazel Mak rocks in her music videos?

Hazel Mak’s music has that African touch and flavor. Songs like Liyaya, Ting Go and Jaiva all have some sort of African instrumentation: traditional drum beat, flute and stuff. And her songs are mostly done in vernacular or partly vernacular, partly English.

The song Liyaya which talks about a young woman falling for a guy in some kind of a way that the love feels like a thorn sting has a message that resonates with all Malawians. The concept is easy to grasp and its lyrics sink easily in peoples’ hearts to the artist’s advantage.

The video was shot in an African setting. There is a scene where Hazel is in front of a grass fence and another at the lake. The lake scene shows a dug out canoe somewhere and sun setting into the horizon, rays sparkling in the waters of the beautiful lake. Simply adorable!

Another video of hers Ting Go featuring Bucci also has some scene filmed at Lake Malawi. The songbird is acting all pretty, shaking it and dancing skillfully on the white sands of the lake. Looks like she likes the look of the lake a lot. Not bad though, some tourists might have seen the lake in her visuals. The Ministry of Tourism, therefore, should sponsor one of her videos one of these days as appreciation for her work in boosting the unexploited sector of the economy.

Looking closely at what the artist is putting on in Ting Go, one notices some nicely colored beads and uniquely designed apparel that speak volumes about tradition and bangles that blend well (or rather perfect) with the diva’s flawless skin. Those are Mkanda Accessorize pieces, Mkanda (singular for ‘mikanda’ ) being the root word for hash tags like #Mkandafied.

And in Jaiva music video featuring Indomitable Nyau King Tay Grin and Roberto, Mak is also seen rocking Mkanda swag. Jaiva is the music video that has earned her a very prestigious accolade: an All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA). She won in the category ‘Best African artist in the diaspora’.

She made history by becoming the first Malawian artist to win such an international award. Tay Grin was nominated before but goofed. Zani Challe was only scouted to perform at the awards ceremony. It means Hazel is one of a kind. She’s such an artist the country has to be proud of.

Her success in winning is probably because of how her videos are made. Setting. Costume. Storyline. Choreography. Mkanda swag comes into play on costume. This is where this writer thinks AFRIMA executives scrutinize a lot when singling out nominees. It can never make sense for an artist that rocks American type of costume to win an AFRIMA award. Things can’t add up.

Other musicians have to emulate Hazel style of visuals. She has the sense of tourism, romance, Mkanda swag and fun all in one place.

The diva has had #Mkandafied moments and success in 2018. Yayy!!!


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