“Mose wa lero ndi Fredo!”, Thousands Gather as the Ghetto Messiah Walks in water at the Fredokiss trophy

He has pulled crowds in the sun! He has pulled crowds in cold days! This time around, despite the heavy rains, thousands gathered to see the Ghetto KingKong arrive at the launch of the K1,000,000 Fredokiss trophy.

Fredokiss on sunday december 23rd launched The Fredokiss Trophy at the zingwangwa ground(moneymen) in spectacular fashion, officially kick starting his political career.

After years of advocacy on change and fighting for the youth, the Ghetto King Kong decided it was time to venture into active politics as he announced that he will be contesting for the Blantyre City South parliamentary sit.


Speaking to a jubilant crowd in the rain, Fredo stressed that for so long, the youths have been told that they are the leaders of tomorrow, but when they want to take up leadership positions, they are told that they are too young. He continued to say that there is unity, solidality and determination among the youth and that the youth have the power to change things by voting because every vote counts. He went on to thank the crowd who couldn’t move despite the heavy down pour of rain on the day as he himself got in the rain to signify his appreciation to the people. “Words cannot describe the deep appreciation i have for all of you. I have never seen so many people get soaked in the rain waiting for another person. There is no word that can fully portray my gratitude except THANK YOU.” This was said as the crowd chanted “ife sitisiya, awa(rain) ndimadalitso”.


The event was not all politics and football though, the fans were also treated to some scintilating performances from various upcoming artists and household names like Kell Kay, Smacks, Bossaro Music Group, Waxy-K, Wikise, 4Sight, Hyphen, Piksy and Dr. Ethel Kamwendo Banda whose performance was cut short as the roof of the podium collapsed when it couldn’t support the weight of the rain water which piled up to great litres also ending the event as safety measures had to be taken.


In separate interviews conducted, some of the artists who came to support Fredokiss in his political endeavor were asked what they made of Fredo contesting for the Blantyre City South parliamentary sit and if the youth are ready for such a huge responsibility. Here is what they had to say:

“Fredo has an 80-90% chance of winning the Blantyre City South parliamentary sit. He loves the people, he has the love of the people, he has passion, and he cares about the youth.

The youths are ready to pick up the mantle and change things in a political stand point”. Tannah(Mr. Broken English) who hosted the event.


“I think it’s a great i dea, we need new people with fresh ideas and Fredo is definitely the man. The youth are ready, if we are not ready now, when will we be?” Iceberg(Bossaro Music Group).


“I think its a good development, for long the youth have been represented by people who didn’t understand what they have been going through, so it’s nice to see fellow youths pick up such responsibilities.

We are ready, we have to be, the time is now”. Hyphen


“I think its a great idea for him to do this, he is young and represents the interests of the youth.

The youths are ready because if we don’t take responsibility now, when are we gonna do it?” Piksy.


If yesterday is anything to go by, then it’s safe to say Fredokiss is on his way to parliament. The love people have for him is genuine, remarkable, one might even say it’s unreal. As Fredo said, “the world is changing, Malawi is changing, the youth are assuming leadership positions all over the world”, so why not us. Let’s usher in change by voting for competent leaders like Fredo Penjani Kalua.


By Kelvin ‘Repro’ Mtambo


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