BY Harry Chiumia

The music recording industry in Malawi has come a long way in the last few years, and although it is still generally underdeveloped, Malawian musicians have always blamed the media for not supporting their content .

Fast Rising Urban Musician El Genesys has faulted Local media for inadvertently promoting foreign music at the expense of the struggling Malawian domain.

According to the artists, media has always supported foreigners more than they have done to local artists, a reason why artists from other countries are big locally while artists from Malawi are are not even known outside.

Speaking during an interview with Capital fm’s Nelson Nkhata, El Genesys said,“I think the media is to blame. We are not given airplay in Neighbouring Countries. In Malawi the media is playing so much foreign content so you cannot say Malawi artists do not have content,”

One could argue that Malawi still had a long way to go musically and perhaps that is why people are paying so much attention to international music.

This, according to El Genesys was also as a result of lack of equal appreciation of local music by Malawians and the media.

El Genesys was not happy with how much local artists are being paid for a show and said that money is hard to reinvest.

“You want to know why we put out substandard content out there? A foreign act will come to the country and do a show for K2 million while a Malawian artist will only get paid K15,000. That money cannot even cater for a music video outside the country,” he lamented.
El Genesys is set for a high end album launch towards the end of February 2019 for his new project, LUSO LANGA. He plans to tour Blantyre to promote it, moving from one campus to another.
However, Malawian artists have been accused for producing poor contents that is the cause of on airplay in media house.

For a Malawian content to be promoted in the country, the creative industry will have to work on factors that are points of injury in the sector; Improve the way of production, upgrading technology and resources used to produce the local content and educating artists on content production to ensure high receipt of content produced by the society.


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