Njuchi, a quartet of Eli, Princi Musiq, Veda and Chizmo is proving to have all the necessary musical fire power to threaten already established dancehall artists and cliques.

The group is a fusion of different toast stylists with mature lyrical content despite their young ages at the same time keeping their music fun and mesmerising.
The group being relatevely new to the scene has demonstated great levels of professionalism whenever the spotlight has come calling giving them that cutting edge of star quality which most groups don’t posses as a unit.

Eli, famed for his smash hit “Illuminati” has so far enjoyed positive publicity and is in contention to get clain the best newcomer award. This can be helpful to the group as this will generate interest from the public to hear what they can do.

Like any group, Njuchi also has their own infamous villain by the name of Princi Musiq. Say what you will about him, but in the entertainment business, there is no such thing as bad publicity. This is to say after the scandalous video leaked, Princi Musiq gained the publics attention and most of us were eager to know how good he is on the mic which he happens to be impresive.
The group can use the popularity of the two to elivate the status of the group, at the same time bringing Chizmo and Veda to the limelight.

The size of the group will remain crucial to their success. If they can maintain the four members, it wil be easier to make decisions leading to the success of the group. It will also see the balance of talent maintaine.

Keep the good work up guys, we need talented fellas like you in the industry.


Below is the most recent tune Njuchi was featured in. Enjoy

Mikozi – Dislabada ft Purple C ,Njuchi (Eli, Princi Musiq, Chizmo)


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