Malawians suprised over Gwamba’s 2 month slimming results

When Gwamba says I can do it , you have two options, either believe him or pretend to believe ! Also know as “Mr whateva I do trends”, Gwamba has shocked Malawians with the results of his 2 month slimming challenge which started as a joke!

Rewind to 2 months ago! One of Gwamba’s instagram followers mocked him for being fat and that no matter what he does, he will never slim! Gwamba took all the mockery about him being fat offline and went on a slimming challenge! During this period, everyday he posted about his slimming sessions which never seemed promising in the very first days!
Fast forward to now! It’s unbelievable!!! Gwamba is all slim!! 😱 The results are just suprising!! As this article is being written, Gwamba is trending all across Malawi ! Some say he used black magic, some say he is sick, some say he went for surgery! It’s just unbelievable!!!
Once again! when Gwamba says I will do it, we urge Malawians to either believe or pretend to believe so as to avoid being surprised!!


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