Fan stabs Musician “Nyanesi” over a woman

It’s only been days since Nyanesi got stabbed by a fan after performing at Chinamwali, Zomba. According to sources, soon after his performance, local music artist of the “mikanda” fame , Nyanesi, took one of his female fans at the music event where they booked into a lodge.

Upon hearing this, the female fan’s boyfriend followed Nyanesi and the girlfriend to the lodge where a fight broke between Nyanesi and his one night stand lover’s boyfriend.

According to One of the eye witnesses at the fight scene, Nyanesi escaped death as the other guy was very furious and pointed a knife to his neck. Out of God’s grace , Nyanesi managed to escape and was cut just below the chest.

After severe bleeding, Good Samaritans carried Nyanesi to the hospital where his wound was stitched. Chonde oyimba akuMalawi lekani uhule mufele zina


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