Not so long ago poly soshoz was the talk of the town with their ‘ndakutulukan soshoz’ and indeed anatituluka 😝 They went all out on us and gave us the time of our lives 😃 Kodi nanga brother wake wa poly atipasa zotani?! Chanco upon seeing what poly has done they fire back with their own mad social weekend the have themed ‘Tikomoke social weekend’.

One would ask ‘tikomoke? 😱’ why? Well, many are familiar with with the hit song ‘malwedhe’ where its translated lyrics say ‘when you leave i collapse’ and it has recently been trending all over the social media where people indeed do collapse when dancing to the song. Is this why this theme came to be? Kapena afuna akatikomole ndi mowa anthu amenewa? 😳 Haayi apo sitikuziwa tiyen tingopita konko tikazionela tokha.

This weekend Chanco tikutulukan social weekend. With performances from Gwamba, macelba and many more. Mukatipeza pa Mikozi Corner. 😃😃💯


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