Poly Ndakutulukani Soshoz this weekend!

Many are refering to it as blantyre social weekend. It might just be the biggest social weekend polytechnic has ever organized. With performances from soldier lucius banda to abusa wikise. The list of artists is just too much to exhaust. As we all know poly social weekends start from Friday evening and usually ends before the sun rises on sunday but ‘ndakutulukani’ in particular has promised patrons that the party wont stop til the sun kisses the ground on sunday.

The poly entertainment director when asked why this theme and what it means he replied ‘Ndakutulukani’ is a word thats trending right now at Poly. It simply means excluding urself from situations that no longer interest you or suit your needs. so this soshoz is about excluding urself from all kinds of negative energy and anything that does not suit you. He further more explained why he decided to let the party go on til sunday evening, he explained that previous social weekend events many complained that the fun was limited, 2 days were not enough. They cant call it weekend when they dont completely end the week and this is why the decision came to be.

Ayi ife tilibe china chonena koma tiyeni tikakumane ku poly kuyambila Friday madzulo mpaka sunday wooooo!!! Muzatipeza pa Mikozi Corner!!!


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