Chimakhala chili chani? Kusakhazikika kwanji kulowa u “yoh”, mawa kukhala “tradi”? Izi ndizimene zidayipitsa Bucci.

One of Malawi’s top male vocalists Bucci despite having extreme talent has never seemed to be much relevant in the musical fields thanks to his lack of consistency in target audience. While some have loved this top rnb singer with afro songs like “Malungo, and Ndiyima pachulu”, others have known Bucci for trap music including “Woop’d and Paperboy”. This diversity in Genres has brought about a lot of confusions among the target audience that should remain loyal to Bucci. Bucci’s two sided face in music is the very reason his musical career has always been at a struggle point. Is it lack of direction? Or perharps too much talent that  has let down Bucci’s relevancy? Ayi izo mungadziwe ndinu, koma ife tingoti Ichi chakoma, icho chakoma, Bucci adagwa cha “ntiiiiii”

Tamvelani Nyimbo yanyuwani ya Bucci yi kukhala ngati yakomela tonse ma yoh ndima tradi finally


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