Gibo M set to represent Mzuzu musically

For a longtime Mzuzu has been sidelined in terms of music. According to previous facts, for a a mzuzu based artist to make it, they have to come to Blantyre or lilongwe. We have seen rap artists like Slessor blossom when they came in Blantyre despite genuinely originating from mzuzu.
Not only does this theory apply to artists but video directors too. Fir instance, Malawi’s biggest video director, Ron Cz, developed his career in Blantyre and not in Mzuzu.
Migrating to Blantyre or Lilongwe to fully develop their career has been a trend for mzuzu artist which is slowly turning into a “how to make it in mzuzu” theory.

Despite facts attached to this theory, Mzuzu based rap artist Gibo M has stressed and promised to prove everyone wrong. According to Gibo M, who recently released a single(

), he stressed that, “No matter how many times I fail, I will eventually standout and become the best artist in Malawi while still based in mzuzu. It does not matter whether many mzuzu artists make it outside mzuzu but I am different from them and I am here to stay”

Lets just sit back, relax and have a close eye on Gibo M as he tries to prove the “how to make it in mzuzu” theory wrong

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